• I wanted to have it for work every day
  • Donde puedo encontrar en internet instrucciones para empezar a usar mi jarra para hidrojenar el el agua y lavar por primer ves la jarra
  • Count me as a skeptic turned fan of hydrogen water. First you charge the container fully the little light will turn green when it is fully charged, then we fill it with water leaving about an inch of air at the top. You press the button and blue lights appear and it will start bubbling. I do not claim to understand the science behind it but it is creating hydrogen gas. So when the blue light goes out you take the top off and drink it. Drink it out of the bottle or pour it in a glass. Now after the first glass I can not say that I felt any difference from drinking an ordinary glass of water but after a couple of these I felt more alert, a bit more clarity and more energy. I strongly believe this. I will drink 3 or 4 a day and I can feel a difference from plain tap water. Again, I know not the science just the results. If you look up the benefits of hydrogen water and how it works I think you will have a better idea. Me I am a firm believer.
  • I got to know GOSOIT from Google search, and found some knowledge about hydrogen water before purchasing, and I bought it with curiosity to experience, and the bottle doesn’t let me down, it’s a power-needed working bottle, it took about 3hrs to charge fully and can work about 25times, it’s a convenient and portable bottle, and the capacity fits me well, I can bring it to gym, I usually drink two cups of the hydrogen water after fitness and drink about 8 cups every day,I felt very energetic, I will keep drinking it to test the magical effect of hydrogen water, I’ll go back here for my further review
  • I followed the seller’s tips to use the hydrogen water bottle over one month, so far everything is good, the important steps are the filter activating and odor removing for first use, boiled water is a must for activating the filter and hot water for H2 water producing is preferable so that I can see more bubbles come out from the filter, and the bubbles will be more visible than cold water, I need to keep the filter dry when it’s not used so as to keep the filter longer life and avoid the ziz sound causing if the filter has been soaking in water for a long time, as it’s not a power needed bottle, I think the filter needs to be replaced after using several months, probably it can last about 3months
  • Great product! Works exactly as described and definitely works better than the Hayashi hydrogen water stick. The thing that impressed me the most though was the packaging. You can definitely tell that a lot of care was put into this beautifully designed product. Buy immediately if you understand the science and its vast benefits!
  • Boiled water quickly, can drink hot coffee on the road, feels good
  • Quality of the bottle is good. inside there is a mesh, perfect for compote with berries. was well packed. order came quickly. thank you satisfied.