• You never get tired of using the same, and description
  • Great battery life. Supposed to have great health benefits. Tastes a tad metallic sometimes so I pour it into a glass and mix it with Gatorade or tea. No regrets of purchase.
  • Works as advertised and the water is drinkable. Purchased 4 extra filters as the company recommends replacement every 60 days. I believe the amount of water filtered is more important than time elapsed so will keep a close eye on the amount of water filtered. This pitcher has eliminated most of our monthly purchase of bottled water and is well worth the expense. Saving $$$$$. I would buy this product again.
  • I got to know "hydrogen water" when reading the articles in science magazines. Basically, it is said that hydrogen water is a good source to anti-aging and helping to heal some disease by cells own recover. After that, I was searching for this kind water, the prices that I found before is pretty high till I found this one. At the beginning, I am kind doubtful for this price(yea, sometime, if the price is below the market too much and it is about food/drink, you are kind of worried about the quality). As long as I have the same brand of face steamer which is working great, so I decided to give it a try. I don't regret about my trying. The product arrives with a good package and instructions as before, and it is designed to be travel-friendly. The result of drinking of "hydrogen water" is not so obvious yet, I will update it when I get the time.
  • By far out of all the water bottles I own, hydrogen wise, this is the best one ever. It produces the amount of attention from others I expected it to, and it produces the amount of hydrogen needed. It is great and can’t say more about it. Just get it
  • really good, lid is very convenient. Very fast delivery. Happy would buy again.
  • general comfortable and thing, all заваренная водичка directly into the bottle, though tea, though dried fruit! great!
  • Have been using for a month with no issues. Use Perrier or other mineral water to make hydrogenated water. Plug in to charge the battery and unplug to use. Runs for about 3 minutes a cycle. Maximum of 3 cycles recommended. Drink as soon as possible for maximal concentration of hydrogen