• this is the best one ever. It produces the amount of attention from others I expected it to, and it produces the amount of hydrogen needed. It is great and can’t say more about it. Just get it
  • I love it it looks fantastic in the home others always comment and talk about it I use it for my son with Bronchitis one small problem I had to get a new power outlet it was not compatible with standard Australian outlet
  • I had just read all about hydrogen water and was excited to try it. I have a lot of pain and health issues. it was done in 3 minutes after charging it for a while. It's also fun to watch the bubbles as it is working. I am very pleased all around.
  • Pretty cool device! First saw when I was traveling in Japan and finally made the decision to try. It is fun to watch and suppose to make you healthier which I will find out later hopefully, ha. The only downside is that u need to invest in the mineral water.
  • Thank you very much! goods delivered for 18 days, packaging is excellent, yet did not use, charging is complete, I am very happy!
  • bottle received! super look! all like in description. color, колпачке elastic, non slip frosted cover capacity 650 ml, раскрутке first smell, smell no after washing. sealed will not sure unique. cover not closed. keeps like water, tight close and check every time need to cover, прольётся different. to wear it. such as in your bag or backpack. if велике skate, the пофиг. зарекомендует look like a process. like so and. thank you seller!
  • new arrived quickly. high quality and very good quality. i would like to order again.
  • It's Amazing product. I loved the quality and the content of the product. It's High glass with super good quality.
  • Quality of the bottle is good. inside there is a mesh, perfect for compote with berries. was well packed. order came quickly. thank you satisfied.
  • It was a long wait but well worth it. The package arrived complete and in good shape. Haven't had time to test it for real and still everything feels solid and looks like top notch quality. Cheers!
  • I love that this filter and pitcher are smaller because it works well for my work fridge. I like to keep cold water in there to drink during the day. It’s great that it comes with 3 filters too. My only concern is that this plastic doesn’t very sturdy. I’m afraid one knock or drop and it’s gonna be all over. Until then, I’ll be extra careful using it and drinking some cool, fresh tasting water.
  • Nice pitcher filter system. At first I didn’t think it really was working. Then I finally read the directions! I just filtered water through a couple of times and the water was definitely better. Took out all the chlorine odor and the taste was not our typical city filtered water. I did notice that I need to not pour the last of the water out as the cover will slip if not holding on to it when tipped to much. Also after reading the reviews about the water not seeming to filter right I noticed that I just needed to reseat the filter and make sure it was in snuggly. I do not know if it is recommended or not, but I ran out of distilled water for my cpap machine so I used the filtered water. I am not reviewing this as someone of interest for the supplier, but, when I use the cpap machine with freshly filtered water from this pitcher, it is actually like smelling fresh air. Sounds strange but that is what happens. I love it!