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  • Hydrogen Alkaline Water Pitcher maker machien 2.0 L/ 70Oz(Red)
  • Hydrogen Alkaline Water Pitcher maker machien 2.0 L/ 70Oz(Red)
  • Hydrogen Alkaline Water Pitcher maker machien 2.0 L/ 70Oz(Red)
  • Hydrogen Alkaline Water Pitcher maker machien 2.0 L/ 70Oz(Red)
  • Hydrogen Alkaline Water Pitcher maker machien 2.0 L/ 70Oz(Red)
  • Hydrogen Alkaline Water Pitcher maker machien 2.0 L/ 70Oz(Red)

Hydrogen Alkaline Water Pitcher maker machien 2.0 L/ 70Oz(Red)

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Hydrogen water pitcher

Hydrogen water bottle


  • ADVANCED SPE, PEM TECHNOLOGY: Hydrogen water Pitcher bottle adopt the most advanced SPE and PEM technology, rapidly electrolyze water into H2 and O2, separate and release H2 and O2, help the ordinary drinking water becomes hydrogen- rich water, and weak alkaline water
  • SUPER QUALITY AND SAFE AMERICA DUPONT MEMBRANE : GOSOIT Hydrogen water maker machine adopts America DuPont proton membrane, effectively separate H2 and O2, has strong anti-permeability and one-way gas permeability, high quality and safety.
  • HIGHT TRANSLUCENT FOOD GRADE PP MATERIL: GOSOIT hydrogen water generator with the pot body  made of high permeability, durable PP material, anti-drop, lightweight, BPA-free
  • LARGE LED DISPLAY WITH 3 WORKING LEVELS : GOSOIT hydrogen water pitcher machine has smart touch operation button, super large LED display shows H2 and working time, you can choose different working level as per your demand
  • 2000ML/70oz CUSTOMIZED LARGE CAPACITY FOR FAMILY: GOSOIT hydrogen water pitcher has a large capacity 2000ml/70oz, meet for a family 4-5 person’s drinking needs one time , superior to small-capacity water cup, economical and practical

Hydrogen water generator

Hydrogen water maker machine

A: Hydrogen water generator

 The hydrogen water maker machine principle of electrolysis: the electrode rapid separated H2 and oxygen from water after the quantum electrode film of hydrogen water Ionizer power on, make more hydrogen ions dissolve in water to become hydrogen rich water

1.The electrode reaction equation: anode:4OH- -4e- = O2↑ +2H2O  cathode:4H+ +4e- =2H2

2.The efficacy of electrolyzed water :Hydrogen Water bottle Ionizer, the Calcium, magnesium, potassium and hydrogen ions in water gather with the cathode of the water machine becomes electrolyzed alkaline water,  which rich in mineral ions, activating hydrogen and water quality, restore body cell vitality Hydrogen Alkaline Water

3. The added value of electrolysed water: hydrogen water pitcher will produce weak alkaline electrolysis water after electrolyzing,with the efficacy of beautify and sterilizing

4. Hydrogen Water bottle Electrolyze the effective test data of water dispenser : the water to show alkalescent with Ph value 7.2- 8.5, negative (electric) potential up to -500MV after electrolyzing the water dispenser, 4-6 mins can produce 2L 1100ppb high concentration hydrogen rich water

B.Hydrogen Water Pitcher

a. Humanization design: Hydrogen Water Pitcher with streamlined curving base, light and anti-skid, steady, cup body is made of food grade PP material, durable, unbreakable, hydrogen water bottle has simple touch switch, intelligent digital display, supervise hydrogen making at any time, visible LED indicatorb.Friendly reminder for use: The effect of hydrogen producing will be preferable for the mineral water or purified water below 50 c(122), don’t use steel velvet or abrasive cleaners to wash

c.Hydrogen Water maker machine,for first use, please put some fresh lemon slices to steeping in hot water 30 mins then empty it out, the taste of electrolyzed water will be better

Shipping weight: 3.8lb

Product weigh:3.3lb

Dimension: 7.5*5.2*6.5inch

Our hydrogen water generator were specifically designed to make the highest levels of beneficial diatomic molecular hydrogen concentrate dissolve in water under its own pressure. We understand how to guide you on how to get the most benefit from Hydrogen water maker machine based on your health, budget and lifestyle because benefits are dose dependent. We know how confused you are with so many cheap hydrogen water bottle that were designed to only alkalize water and won’t deliver any real measurable Hydrogen water generator health benefits. 

Hydrogen water ionizer

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