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Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker Benefits Explained

Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker Benefits Explained

  • Saturday, 30 January 2021
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Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker Benefits Explained

Fifth generation Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker: Rechargeable alkaline ion water generator with PEM and SPE technologies: Pitcher water filters - rechargeable, one-button instant access to activate hydrogen conversion and water purification: Automatic shut off at low water pressure.hydrogen alkaline water maker Automatic shut off at full capacity with high-energy output: Two-stage ion exchange catalyst for optimum hydrogen production. High temperature resistant: Enhanced catalyst with extreme catalyst life for high temperature operation. Automatic shut off at full capacity after a complete cycle.

Activated carbon filter with stainless steel mesh, for complete water purification: Uses activated carbon to filter impurities and provide superior quality, crystal clear hydrogen concentration.hydrogen alkaline water maker Dissolved oxygen (DOR) reduction with anti-dronizing additives: Anti-dronizing additives reduce the amount of DOR, a harmful compound that is a key contributor to hydrogen buildup. Also reduces chlorine taste and odor.

Reduced free radical activity: Use high-potency water enriched in hydrogen and magnesium for reduced free radical activity. Free radicals are damaging to cell membranes. When cells are damaged, they cannot function properly and cause health problems. Free radical activity can be controlled by using compounds that inhibit their activity. Free radicals are common triggers for cellular aging and disease.

Enhanced solubility: Solubility is the process of water attracting particles such as hydrogen and sodium. Enhanced solubility prevents sediments and unwanted minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium from being displaced by hydrogen. The hydrogen ions adhere better to the molecules where they want to be. When more hydrogen is dissolved, less sediments are left behind and the water becomes purer and cleaner. When a higher molecular hydrogen concentration is achieved, less sodium and magnesium are retaining in the water, providing a better overall effect.

Greater oxidation stability: Oxidation can occur when there is a low or high concentration of hydrogen in solution. The presence of higher hydrogen concentration causes faster oxidation which can result in the development of rust, corrosion, and scale. A higher molecular hydrogen value means the water molecules can better bind with other molecules and form more stable compounds.

Reduced growth of bacteria and viruses: Many microorganisms thrive in high concentrations of hydrogen. Contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides, chlorine and prescription drugs are released into the environment when water is used in the production of these products. High levels of hydrogen gas can also be released from waste materials when they are converted to vapor. A water molecule can only encompass a certain amount of hydrogen before it becomes unstable and is no longer able to function properly. Use of a hydrogen water enriched filter removes larger molecules of hydrogen gas and allows for greater functionality of the water.

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