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Do you want to increase your energy by drinking water?

Do you want to increase your energy by drinking water?

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020
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Do you want to increase your energy by drinking water?

I recommend a hydrogen water generator of our company's word of mouth.

Hydrogen water maker

1.Nano - grade titanium platinum electrolyte: Hydrogen water bottle  generator Made of nano-grade titanium platinum materials,3 minutes generate 100ppb high concentration of hydrogen water, Titanium platinum electrode plate can be used for normal working 100,000 hours, It has the characteristics of long service life, high hydrogen concentration and no ozone 

2.Pure physics patented hydrogen technology: hydrogen water generator In the process of hydrogen production, the water molecules can be broken through and the water molecules are continuously rising. The alkaline water maker higher the mineral content in water, the stronger the electrolysis effect and the higher the hydrogen content, which makes the hydrogen water more easily absorbed by the body

3.Portable and easy to operate: Hydrogen water bottle generator Quick operation with the key, compact size, easy to make water, convenient to carry it for business trip, you can drink optimal healthy water at any time

4.Wide function: hydrogen water bottle Remove the residual chlorine in water, remove various heavy metal ions in water, alkaline water maker remove the hydrogen sulfide, and effectively remove the suspended particles less than 50um, reduce the scaling of minerals and inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms

5.Unique detachable design: Hydrogen water generator Detachable hydrogen ion generator, It not only can electrolyze water in the original bottle, but also can directly connect to the mineral water bottle, It fits for friends, family, colleagues and outdoor friends to share, alkaline water maker unique aluminum lid adopts advanced waterproof and ventilation design, prolong the service life of the hydrogen water bottle

Product Description:

The efficacy of hydrogen-rich water:

1.Maintain beauty and keep young:  hydrogen water bottle Activate human cells, delaying senescence, remove harmful substances in cell membranes or blood vessels, inhibiting oxygen free radicals

2.Strengthen immunity: Enhance human immunity, improve cell activity, keep drinking can reduce illness

3.Promote digestion: hydrogen water generator Promote digestion and excretion function, soften blood vessels,activate mucosal cells, promote intestinal peristalsis and facilitate excretion

4.Strong osmotic ability:  hydrogen water bottle Strong osmotic force,remove sediment, activating cellular tissue, and through blood

5.Alkaline water maker Improve intestines and stomach: Improve gastrointestinal function, improve metabolism, maintain the balance of endocrine, and promote fat decomposition

6.Relieve drunkennessalkaline water maker Drink some hydrogen-rich water when you drink, hydrogen alkaline water bottle maker can avoid getting drunk, continuously drink, the efficacy will be better

Product specification:


Weight:410g Volume:350ml

Usage temperature:5-50℃

Rated Power:5V 1A

Hydrogen concentration:100ppb

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Portable hydrogen water bottle

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