• 4-Stage GOSOIT Water Filter Bottle Replacement Filter
  • 4-Stage GOSOIT Water Filter Bottle Replacement Filter
  • 4-Stage GOSOIT Water Filter Bottle Replacement Filter

4-Stage GOSOIT Water Filter Bottle Replacement Filter

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1.Replace water filter Multiple filtration: Four purification systems are used(FilterActivated CarbonResin and Filter

Sponge).Multiple filtration, purification and anti-virus can effectively remove particles, impurities,

organicsand other harmful substances in water

2.Resist odor residue: Replace water filter Special advanced active fiber can effectively reduce

the turbidity of water and improve the taste. Even if it is reused, it will not smell or stain. It can be used safely

3.Easy to Replacement filter: replace filter for gosoit bottle Unscrew the bottom of the bottle cover , remove the old one , install the new one

4.Long time to used : The water filter can used 3-6 months

Replace filter for gosoit bottle Product Description:
4 steps to purify:
Water Filter:  
replacement filter Intercept particles and avoid the release of resin and activated carbon

Activated carbon:  Replacement filter Remove most of chloride, bad smell and clean the remaining pollutants

Resin: Water filter Remove the scale, to retain the beneficial minerals for the human body

Filter Sponge: Replacement water filter Bring you the most purest water

Product Feature: 
1.Strictly quality control, with professional certification

2.Small size, easy to carry

3.All components of the bottle are made of the highest professional food grade
and environmentally friendly materials
4.Replacement filter Fast sterilization, directly drink

5.No particular request about sources of water

Quick Install
Part1. Put the Spring in the base.
Part2. Put the sleeve with threaded side on the Spring and press down.

Part3. Insert the 
replacement filter core into the sleeve , place the card bit at the bottom of the filter core and align to the card bit of the base.

Part4. Lock: The top of the filter has the words open and lock
According to the arrow clockwise rotation to have the Lock words, it can 
lock the filter core, installation complete.

Replace filter for GOSOIT bottle
Product specification:
5.4*5.4*5.8 cm
0.7 ounces

1*replacement filter

Replace filter for GOSOIT bottle

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